Waggle Taggle Troubadours

The Waggle Taggle Troubadours children’s group has been performing for many years She has performed at Birthday Parties, Festivals, Farmers Markets, Public Library’s, Assisted Living Centers, Austin Zoo.

My name is MariLisa, my children’s act is know as The Waggle Taggle Troubadours

In high school back in 1977, I was a thespian which required many hours of work in the drama department. Our drama director’s name was Richard Hoag and he is somebody that I consider to be an important mentor and prominent person who taught me so much about stage presence among other things. I was cast in productions and thoroughly enjoyed the children shows we put on. Though I was not a singer in those days, being in drama definitely shaped my performance skills when I began my music career in 1988.

I started writing songs, taking vocal lessons and putting together children’s music in 1987. I always loved the enthusiasm of kids music and almost all of my friends in that era had kids of their own except me.

It was a challenging time in my life and overcoming adversity inspired the music that fueled my soul. All of these children would show up at my regular musical events before I considered myself to be a kids musician. They would sing and dance along and that gave me the courage and incentive to hone my craft. My first childrens album is titled Up in a Tree which became available on cassette in 1994.

My other act I enjoy is performing for all age audiences with a live band or as a duo with my husband, Tanner Swain whom I’ve been collaborating with ever since we met in 1998.

When MariLisa, And The Waggle Taggle Troubadours steps up to a microphone, kids are drawn tro the magic combination of her lilting voice and powerful messages whether she’s singing the perils of “Jimmy Germ Plaque Bug Blues” or the perky “The Sun shines inside of Me”. Even the grouchiest whiney-hiney will crack a smile and before long everyone is singing along. – San Marcos Daily Record

MariLisa has shown that not only does the sun shine inside of her but it also shines on in her music… upbeat music that can set children to dancing. Once you’ve heard Up in a Tree you’ll be humming it all day. Her songs are fun, informative without being preachy offering songs like The Litter song about environmentalism…

The Waggle Taggle Troubadours have performed all over Texas including: San Marcos, Austin, Kyle, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Martindale, Gruene.


"The first solo album (cassette) was published in 1990 with all original material. “homespun, socially conscious, folky, jangly, Blue Bell ice cream…”
-Austin Chronicle
Jan. 25, 1991
"Up In A Tree is full of the sort of upbeat music that can set children dancing. Odds are that adults will be dancing, too!”
Parenting in the 90’s magazine
November, 1994
"Local favorite performs toe tapping tunes for all ages…"
San Marcos Daily Record
“Marilisa’s songs deal with families and feelings…sort of folksy blues.”
-Steve Davis, San Marcos Reporter
She has a blues/jazz feel to her voice and is perfectly suited.
Parenting in the 90’s
“I love the way you get the kids up and moving and singing, how you’re in constant motion…”
Ashley Schimelman of the San Marcos Public Library
“…Vocally Golden, engaginly percussive,…Velvety Neo-swing,…refreshing and relaxing,…”
The Austin Chronicle
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